Anushka Nude

Perverted Artist paints Anushka Nude?
Though he was privileged to be the top artist of the Indian modern art era, his controversial works landed him in another country, losing his Indian Republic's membership. MF Hussain, the most celebrated and hated artist from India is making the news again, for his interest in a Bollywood heroine. This grey haired bare foot walker is going to paint 'Anushka' in nude.

MF Hussain made the headlines when he stated that he is an ardent devotee of Madhuri Dixit and started painting her pictures. Later, he shifted focus towards 'Athidi' fame Amrita Rao and watched her Hindi flick 'Vivah' for more than 50 times to sketch her with his brush. Now, MF is saying that he is watching the films 'Rab Ne Bana De Jodi' and 'Band Bajaa Bharat', as he is taken by the charms of Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma. Many Indians rate him as a perverted freak as he has painted the nude pictures of Indian Goddesses. Now, Anushka is worried that the artist may paint her in nude and the fate of heroines he painted always took a down path.

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