Men in Life Deborah Henry

WORLD fashion, modeling and art are well within internationally acclaimed model of dengue-India cross the Irishman. Who does not know the name of beauty, Deborah Priya Henry, 26, (Deborah Henry) is.
Deborah often involved in international modeling stage, such as Dior, Gucci and Zang Toi. At age 18, he was hailed as a career peragaannya in England for a year and then in Australia. He also made an appearance in the ad Perodua, Coke, now with Celcom and Habib Jewels.
From the other side, Deborah also has an interest in children and establish an educational center to place refugee children in the country with a good friend who had studied with him at the same university.
Former graduates majoring in economics and political science from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia is not left to continue the high ambitions to seize the title of Miss Universe 2011 to be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil by September next.
Take heart
Deborah tried to learn the characters are confident and wise to speak like throwing arguments,OopStarz! Dig his views on men from a model eye.
In many of the criteria, Deborah believes, men with character and always strive hard to achieve what is desired is easier to reach out to women of today.
"To me, men look down at number two and the crucial need to know how to bring the man himself, character, know how to treat others and intelligent communication.
"All that I mentioned earlier must also be in line with global thinking and open no matter a person came from Malaysia, Australia or any country whatsoever. From there, he will learn to appreciate others.
"The man in charge is also much easier to receive a fair reward in life," he said in a thick British slang.
Deborah said the problems that often involve men and women is causing a misunderstanding big fights. There is also a man self-conscious and women to put aside the women in the number two in his heart.
In fact, a woman needs a man who cares so deeply with the way women love to dive into it.
"So, men should know how to romance and to appreciate every thing done by women in some things," he said.
However, when the squeeze on its status is still single, Deborah refused to continue the story of the romance as the case consider the question more personal touch.
Like to challenge themselves
177 centimeters tall and 54 kilograms of body weight, Deborah is not only involved in modeling, but she also studied the field of hosting and acting.
This woman is conducting talk show program titled Bella in ntv7 three times a week on every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 11.30 am.
The program is also run by Daphne Iking and Elaine Daly began Monday to Friday at the same time.
"I enjoy the live program operates like Bella with Daphne and Elaine in talking about various topics and interesting issues involving men and women.
"Although this is the first time I called a lawyer, but I'm comfortably hosts this program as it is relaxing and not according to script," he said.
In addition to hosting television programs and hosting events, she also appeared in the film saga Merong Mahawangsa as a side character named Yesoddhra.
He began to pursue modeling since the age of 15 years and was elected as Miss World Malaysia in 2007 at the age of 21 years. Hence the title of Miss Universe Malaysia beat this year.
Continuing his career was, Deborah will be leaving to Brazil in August to spend the next month to compete with more than 80 Miss Universe competition which will represent their respective countries.

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